What Is A Virtual Office?

Companies which have the virtual office concept are chosen by a good deal of individuals today and have been a professional solution partners.

Virtual offices are the ideal solution for the ones who need different requirements. With the help of the virtual office, people who travel a lot, who don’t use their operational offices often or who work home-office type get a more corporate image.

Virtual office solutions offering companies offer you a prestigious business life with multiple alternate options without paying a lot of money to the private offices which are not on continuously use.

You will be able to have a prestigious workplace adress, a corporate phone and meeting rooms which belong to you by paying reasonable charges.

No matter what your work is, if you don’t use your rental offices actively, in other words, if you don’t spend so many time in your offices, rent and other spendings may cause you an extra expense.

Why would you shoulder all of these expenses for your office that you don’t use? While you are  working and concentrated on it, operational office service offering companies take all of these expenses off of you.

Wouldn’t it be better for you if you give a prestigious contact adress about your work, at the same time you are concentrated on it?

You can expand your work by just concentrating on it in a system which answers your phone calls and notifies you about the mails you received. These professional office support offering companies with the virtual office solutions tinge you a more corporate image.

Holding your business bargains and meetings in a corporate adress and an office makes your company’s image more prestigious to your guests.

Galata Business Center | İstanbul Sanal Ofis | Hazır Ofis
Galata Business Center | İstanbul Sanal Ofis | Hazır Ofis

Is Virtual Office Legal and Would There Be A Problem On Tax Supervisions?

Virtual Office service is known and being used all over the world for a long time and it is completely legal.

Even though Virtual Office service’s recently becoming a popular activity in our country, it is known and approved by the government agencies like Chamber of Industry and Tax Offices.

Virtual Office is completely legal in Turkey. No problems have been experienced at our clients’  audits and inspections, which are from nearly 50 different sectors and provided by us more than 200 times since our foundation date as Galata Business Center.

We offer you a completely legal virtual office with professional service and prestigious adress in İstanbul – Beyoğlu as Galata Business Center.


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