As Galata Business Center, we believe that, our members could work way more productively and concentrate their job when they love the atmosphere they work in and when they happy with the people they work with. Galata Business Center is trying to design the offices to its members that they enjoy to come everyday since the year of 2016.

Galata Business Center created a family with its members over 300 that come from Turkey or abroad to work for improving, enjoy while working and create new ideas everyday with the services of virtual office – serviced office – co-working – meeting rooms when it started to serve with the location sized 400 m2 opened in Beyoğlu Business Center, İstiklal Street, in 2016. We opened our Levent location sized 3000 m2 in 2020 when our family started to not fit in Taksim location. Now our members have common spaces, terrace and meeting rooms that they can have more enjoyable time together in our Levent location.



Your accountant, insurer, advisor, lawyer, advirteser, e-trade expert are only one door away from you. You can save your time by meeting all your needs from partners of Galata Business Center. Morevoer all our partners are serving prices and services special for you.

Galata Advisors

Galata Advisors is our firm also has brand of Galata Business Center, established in 2012, İstanbul and serving of corporate finance consultancy, business development consultancy, company valuation, company establishment consultancy. You can get contact in our locations for the advisoring service you need and the processes of establishment of your company.

Karantina Insurance

Karantina Insurance is our partner established in İzmir, in 1993 and giving insurance services with its team of 20 and two branches in İstanbul, 4 branches in İzmir. Karantina Insurance also has earned the right of being 2nd of Turkey in the field of health insurance under the AXA Insurance for the last 3 years. They are waiting for you to meet your insurance needs in our locations.

Galata Law Firm and Consultancy

Levent and İstiklal locations. They are waiting for you at our locations with their expert staff on Business Law and Foreign Citizen Transactions.

Sirmedia Digital Marketing Agency

Sirmedia, which has been serving to top companies in national and international digital marketing and strategic digital media planning activities since 2006, are waiting for you at our Istiklal and Levent locations.


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